Getting Started


Content creation for your properties.


1. Determine Scope

We work with clients to establish the scope of a VR project that will achieve their objectives in a cost effective manner. We charge a price per square foot, and provide solutions that range in scale from a single space, to an entire building.

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Which areas of the overall project should be featured?
(One unit? Typical units? All units? Amenities?)

Within a given space, which rooms or areas should be shown?
(Bedrooms? Bathrooms? Closets? Balconies?)

2. Request Services

In addition to providing high-end virtual reality experiences, we also provide a full-suite of marketing services. From the environments we build, we can extract presentation materials that can be used in a variety of contexts.

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Desktop VR
Immersive and real-time environments run off the HTC Vive headset.

Receive a high volume of images and videos for social media marketing.

3D Modeling
From 2D drawings, we can build 3D models optimized for virtual reality.

Drone Capture
Show accurate and realistic views from your virtual apartment.

VR Interface
Access a whole suite of tools during the VR experience.

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360 Content
Panoramas can be viewed through YouTube or Google Cardboard.

Screenshot (46).png

Interior Design
We can make furniture and decor selections for your environments.

Everything needed for marketing, plus printed materials and a website.

3. Send Documents


We convert 2D AutoCAD drawings and architectural 3D Models into full-scale VR experiences. Through the existing documentation of the project, we can accurately depict the designers vision.

We can build a VR experience from the following 2D/3D file types:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD

  • Autodesk Revit

  • Autodesk 3DS Max

  • Rhino

  • Sketchup

These additional materials help ensure accuracy of the design intent:

  • Material selections, associated with their locations

  • Customization options for materials & appliances

  • Kitchen and bathroom elevations & products

  • Interior details and ceiling heights

  • Reflected ceiling plans and electrical plans

  • Furniture and artwork selections

  • Information about the project

4. Receive Files

It typically takes us 5-10 days to create an interactive VR environment. The client will receive a series of sample renderings to make sure the design intent has been met. Once the real-time VR experience is ready, there are few ways that it can be experienced.


VR Presentation:

Use VR to communicate your ideas to key decision makers.
(Mythic VR will provide equipment for the day.)

Screenshot (20)_edited 1.jpg

VR Event:

Host an event at your location to show off VR to a large audience.
(Mythic VR will provide equipment for the day.)

Screenshot (20)_edited 2.jpg

VR Station:

Access your entire VR catalog at any time, from a single location.
(Mythic VR will build and install a VR station.)


Become VR-Ready

VR Equipment

Create memorable experiences in your office or sales center that will leave an impression on your clients. We help build and install all of the necessary components needed to run PC-based VR experiences.



A desktop computer with a powerful graphics card.

HTC Vive

The headset comes with two hand controllers and sensors.


Enable everyone else in the room to watch the VR experience.

Seating Area

Allow guests in the room to sit and watch the VR experience.


Space Required

Enabling a client to physically walk through a virtual space adds an extra dimension of immersion. The diagrams below shows the amount of space required to run a walkable VR experience. The layouts can represent temporary or fixed setups.

Screenshot (12)_edited.jpg

Installation Services

  • Conduct site visit and design VR station

  • Order equipment and build custom computer

  • Install equipment on site

  • Train staff member on using the system

  • Provide technical support


All your property in one location. 

Render a Catalog

Virtual reality has additional benefits when multiple properties are rendered. We provide additional services to our clients when they commit to render a catalog and integrate VR into their business.

Catalog Benefits

  • Time Savings: Enable a client to understand your catalog in one session.
  • Comparison Value: Navigate quickly between projects for instantaneous comparisons.
  • Efficiencies of Scale: Save costs with re-occurring materials, assets, and geometry.
  • Progressive Brand: Differentiate your brand from competitors with new technology.

  • Services Provided

  • Browse Functionality: Access a virtual menu to browse through your catalog while in VR.
  • Sales Support: Receive technical assistance during events and sales sessions.
  • Software Updates: Stay up to date with the most recent virtual reality features.
  • Data Analytics: Understand how clients are responding to your environments.
  • Asset Library: Allow users to toggle through your collection of materials & furniture.