An Immersive Experience


The most convincing experience for unbuilt environments.

VR Desktop Machine


PC-Based VR

We custom build computers that can handle powerful VR experiences. By utilizing the most powerful PC components and VR hardware available on the market, we can simulate perception in a surprisingly realistic way. With “real-time” VR, a user’s head movement is updated 90 times every second, resulting in a smooth and lag-free experience.


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Walk Through

Set up a space in your office or sales centers, and enable buyers to physically walk through virtual environments.

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Customize Details

Change materials or furniture using interactive hand controllers. Allow users to visualize alternatives at full-scale.


Virtual Data

Interact with virtual data embedded on your controller. Open floor plans, check pricing, and select from checklists, all within VR.

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Lag Free

Experience VR without the lag or nausea. We use the proper hardware, and optimize all of our environments for smooth experiences.


Intuitive controls for first-time users.

VR User Interface


User Interface

We specialize in the design of user interfaces for VR experiences. Intuitive control systems allow a user to seamlessly engage with the environment around them. Our suite of VR tools offer advanced functionality, yet they are simple enough for a first-time user to understand.


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Simple Controls

A hand-held controller with two buttons will guide the user through their virtual experience, enabling them to navigate, explore, and discover a space.



Simply point across the room and click where you would like to view the space from. Explore an environment in your own way.

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VR Tool Set

Access a suite of virtual tools. Teleport through an interactive floor plan, take photos with a virtual camera, toggle material options, and view information on a property.

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Real-time tool tips

In-game instructions teach a user how to use the interface. The tool tips are adaptive, and respond to the situation the user is in.


Detailed environments built with precision.



Photo Realism

A factor that makes our VR experience unique is its unmatched sense of realism. Detailed modeling, paired with high-resolution textures, helps immerse clients in their environment. We strive to give users an exact understanding of what the space will look like when it’s completed.


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4K Textures

Walk through environments that feel life-like. Materials and textures are built from high-resolution photographs.

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Realistic Lighting

Understand exactly how the space will be illuminated through sunlight and interior lights. Get an accurate sense of shadows and reflections.


Virtual Staging

Visualize scenes that are digitally staged by our interior designers. Environments are populated with furniture, appliances, products, and home decor.


Accurate Views

Allow users to comprehend what their view will actually look like. Drone photography captures cityscapes from the same height as the unbuilt apartment.