Industries using VR


Real Estate: New Developments

VR for Pre-Sales and Marketing

Virtual reality presents a new way for prospective buyers to fully understand a residence before construction is complete. We have surveyed buyers who’ve tried our experience, and 95% stated that it was as effective as a full-scale mock-up unit, which can be a significant cost for developers. Brokers who build a virtual reality catalog have the ability to show their properties from a single location, in one appointment.


Commercial Real Estate: Corporate Interiors

VR for Furniture and Layout Visualization

Showcase how a line of furniture, products, or materials look at full-scale inside of a commercial space. From within virtual reality, a user can toggle through various layouts and interior design schemes, to visualize the possible ways to finish a space. We model furniture based off of cut sheets and specifications, so clients will gain an exact understanding of the dimensions and materiality of a product.

Architecture: The Design Process

VR for Client Design Presentations

Using immersive visualization during the design process can help clients understand it as it happens. We’ve found that aiding in client comprehension can help accelerate design schedules. Rather than making decisions based off floor plans and renderings, which are only representations of a space, a client can perceive a proposal at full-scale, and provide insightful and productive feedback.

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Healthcare: Interior Layouts

VR for Review Board Presentations

Designers can use VR for review boards to understand a proposal in detail. Our clients have said that introducing real-time engines into their presentations helped facilitate understanding. In addition to visualizing the space and materials, a user is able to interact with medical equipment, and understand if it can be operated efficiently from within the designed space.


Integrate VR into your business

Mythic VR has completed over 40 projects, and has delivered over 2,000 virtual reality experiences. The company is located in New York City, and serves businesses in a variety of industries throughout the tri-state area. Mythic was founded by architects who pay close attention to design precision. The company works with clients to figure out how VR can be best utilized in their business. What differentiates Mythic from other virtual reality solutions is their commitment photorealism and intuitive user interfaces.



Schematic visualization

Design iterations

Materiality review


Win proposals & new business

Review board approvals

Secure investment


Sales center experiences

Brokerage office setup

Marketing materials


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